For snowshoeing, Nannini’s Mountain specs are a genuine must for the upcoming season.

Esprit Mountain Sunglasses
The Esprit specs are great for all sports but the ability to switch from a traditional pair of sports sunglasses with side arms to the same frame but with an elasticated head band is just a brilliant feature. That coupled with the anti fog air vents, extendable arms, spair lenses where do you stop complementing a brilliant piece of design and engineering from the Nannini factory.
Esprit features:
• 100% UV protection UVA,B &C
• High-tech materials that resist impact and breakage
• Adjustable temple length for a perfect fit 
• Multi-flow ventilation
Snowfighter Mountain Goggles

Snowfighters fit like a goggle but don't have the bulkiness. Most goggles are manufactured for skiing but Nannini have looked at what snowboarders and the like want to wear and have produced a somewhat unique product. Their compact design means less room in your pack for things you really need for the trail.
The Snowfighters have hand-sewn eyepieces and an orange and silver mirrored polycarbonate lens.  OK you might look a bit like someone out of Mad Max but your eyes will be protected and your face certainly warmer than with conventional sun glasses.
Snowfighter features:
• 100% UV protection (UVA,B&C)
• High-tech materials that resist impact and breakage
• “Antifog” ventilation
• Available in three colour options