Computer Monitor Glasses

If you get headaches, focusing difficulties, tired eyes, blurred vision, neck ache, they are some of the symptoms, then you are feeling some of the results of CVS. Our eyes react differently to monitor images than they do to printed text on paper. They find it difficult to focus on pixels, so they tend to focus on the screen itself but then relax to a point behind the screen to what is called the resting point of accommodation or RPA. Now here is an amazing statistic, in tests 70 to 75% of PC users were shown to benefit from wearing computer eyeglasses. That’s because the constant focussing on the screen then relaxing to the RPA makes the eyes very tired. The Compact 2 also includes a plane lens option for those of you who just want to reduce the glare.
Why not take a look at the video of the Computer Monitor Glasses ?

Nannini Computer Monitor Glasses