As Goggleyes we are the only authorised UK distributor of Nannini eyewear in the UK. Buying reading glasses online is one of the fastest growing e-commerce sectors, but few products provide the style and compact design of the Nannini range. Manufactured in Italy, this eyewear range epitomises craftsmanship, passion and true design excellence. The range comprises ready readers, fold flat reading glasses, folding sunglasses and sun readers. Unlike the cheap reading glasses that are now easily found with a google search, Nannini's lenses are moulded from high quality methacrylate (plexi-glass), producing perfect optical quality in a range of dioptres from +1.00 to +3.00. The Eyewear range with its patented fold flat design fit in your pocket, handbag or purse.

Nannini Goggles are hand made at the factory from the finest materials to give you a truly superb fit. Sports eyewear for the professional or serious amateur are also included. Sports eyewear is one of our fastest growing ranges and the current Goggleyes offer reflects what we believe are the best of the Nannini Sports Eyewear range.

We hold a large stock of Nannini products in the UK as well as at our factory in Italy. You can buy, or order, any of the products featured directly from our stock or, in the case of Nannini, if we dont show it on the site we can always bring it in from our principle. Just put an enquiry to us through our web site and we will look after the order, arrange manufacture and despatch from the factory for you.

With many of our associates in their 50's, time and age has taken its toll and these days we all seem to need reading glasses. The problem is we're constantly blind when it comes to reading menus or documents because we never have our glasses with us. It's a strange phenomenon but reading glasses are never where you need them. With the ultra slim Nannini products though your saviour is never too far away. That's where the Goggleyes concept started, our colaboration with Nannini.

So what do we know about reading glasses? Well we don't pretend to be opthamologists or optometrists, we know our limitations.

Eyewear should be bought on line once you have had your eyes tested by a qualified person and you know your prescription.

Team Work

Although Mark heads the team this is very much a family affair. Every member of the East family is involved and as a result you will get our full commitment and service, of which we are very proud. We will personally take care of your purchase and try to offer the same level of service we expect.


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